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We are all Neighbors T-shirt's

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

This is not political, It is Human. In this time in our world I wanted to create a reminder that we are all one and on this planet together.

As Ai Weiwei the artist stated, "The world is a sphere, there is no east and west!"

This makes us all Neighbors. We are all connected, what happens to one country, nation or people effects everyone, no one is immune!

Climate Change is not local. We all feel the effects. Floods, wild fires, melting ice bergs.

War is not local. We all feel the effects.

Relatives, love ones and friends live in these countries.

A generation of children will be lost in death or trauma.

Supply chain resources are interrupted.

Xenophobic violence is not local! We all feel the effects!

Mass shooting with assault rifles is cowardice and destroys communities.

As humans we can do better! We must do better. We must call out the falsehoods when they happen, We must make sure people are held to answer for their actions. Fight for the rights of those who can't fight for themselves.

Join Brooklyn Dollworks in this act of Humanism.

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