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The difference between in person and online shows.

I participate in in-person shows and online shows. The audience you reach in both varired and diverse.

IN-person show generally attract collectors that know what they are looking at. They understand what an Art doll is, so I do less time explains what makes an art doll. These are also collectotrs that need to seeing a piece in person and have a visaral responce to a piece. There are people wander in just out of curiosisty. I love these type. It is my oporunity to expose a new audiance to an niche art.

On line show will reach a much wider audience. Use your mailing list to inform you collectors that live far away. Use your social media to reach new collectors. These colloectors tend to spend more time reviewing you work. They are not a typical buyer, They tend to buy art. They see Art. Who about you?

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