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About Brooklyn Dollworks

I started Brooklyn Dollworks in 2012 as a showcase for my work. As a native New Yorker and youngest of seven children, there was always something to do, paint, sculpt, play, sing or just observe. My hands were never idle, and they still aren't.  Every experience, meal, journey, emotion, or dream, consciously and unconsciously shapes my work. Whichever medium I work in has to lend itself to that expression. I trained in costume design, sculpture, wigs and dance, and through the making of Art Dolls I have found my full expression.“ 

Future plans for Brooklyn Dollworks include the addition of other mixed-media figurative artists. In the 21st century digital world our mission is to promote artists whose work in the traditional methods expand the boundaries of the art. Lending support to these artists through public showings at juried shows and craft fairs, and through publications and online outlets.


Valerie A. Gladstone

Paper, Pencil, Watercolor & Recycled Materials

All creations begin with a thought. These thoughts are then sketched on paper to get them out of my head. These sketches serve as a road map for the final doll. The finished Art Doll rarely looks exactly like the sketch. The sketch is a map for the journey, the steps on the road are taken one at a time with many detours. I make good use of all the odds and ends acquired over the years. 

With an eye toward originality and quality, vintage lace and trims are combined with vintage textiles or buttons saved from discarded clothing. Fine old silks and linens with embroidery, sequins and beading are favorites. I use velvet from curtains, yarn from sweaters, and leather salvaged from old boots and handbags.

Are you a figurative artist interested in joining BDW?
Artist Inquiry 

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