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This is part of the Circus series. This OOAK is a Side Show lady in her shimmering Moth costume. She is happy to perform her act alight on a round wooden base. The costume is made of antique and vintage fabrics.  Her wings are hand made from molded mulberry paper.  OOAK polymer clay art doll. #circus #OOAK

Grande Papillion de Nuit

SKU: 0006
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  • The heads, hands and feet are made of a polymer clay. Features are brushed with pigment into the wet clay and then painted with acrylics once the piece is baked. The armatures are wire, bulked out with batting and covered in a knit fabric. The costuming is achieved by many techniques such as using antique fabrics and trims with modern hand spun yarns, quilting, beading, overdying or distressing a costume to achieve the vision.

  • We will only accept a return if the wrong item was sent or if damage happened because of my error. For posting errors the shipping company must be contacted.

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