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Artist Journey - Diversity

Diversifying in the Art world, (or in my case the Art Doll world), means that while pursuing the finer points of draftsmanship, I also create works that are related to the major works in different mediums.

This work that is smaller and more affordable serves a couple of purposes

  • They build my collector base-If a customer likes my work but really cant afford it, I offer them something they can afford. Then in the future they may buy a larger piece, or recommend my work to someone else.

  • I get to try new techniques - I get to play and try things out on a smaller scale. Many times using scraps from other projects.

  • Save resources - Everything cost money, supplies, paint, clay, electricity, studio rent. To help offset the cost of the greater work, sell smaller works to help earn needed cash.

  • Clears your head - When you are feeling stuck a great way to clear the clouds is to create something new.

  • You don't know where it will lead-I am currently working on a submission to a museum. I want my greater work to be in this museum, but until that happens I am creating something to submit to their gift shop.

  • Other types of gallery shows - Most Galleries now have Small Work shows. These are to bring viewers to the gallery by offering them affordable small works by major artist. (In large cities many people don't have space or large work) .

Some of my small works are:

Holiday Paper dolls

Tiny Dancers

Business card holders

Holiday ornaments

So all those detailed watercolor studies you have sitting around, sift thru them and frame a couple. Get Giclée prints made of your illustrations, Screen print T-shirts with your art, and make small books.

The more you put your art out into the world , the more likely you are to find the collector for you!

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